We help clients by making their technical, domain, softskill trainings simple, fun and engaging through games

About the initiative

What if, every challenge/hurdle we face at study/work can be imagined as a game to be played

We believe in the power of play as it offers a fail-safe and a non-judgmental mode of learning, apart from being fun-filled and providing high engagement. It provides an environment of healthy collaboration and competition. Games work by creating motivational mechanisms, fuels social learning, teamwork and collaboration. It shifts routine work monotony into fun challenges. At LetsPlayToLearn, we work with corporates and educational institutions to harness the magic of games to make learning simple, fun and engaging. Clients contact us for different kinds of offerings including board/card games, digital hypercasual games, workshop activity games.

About the Founder

Kartic Vaidyanathan is a game-based learning advocate. As a part of his Play2Learn initiative, he works with corporates and educational institutions and helps them transform learning through games. Through his work, many teams have created and experienced the power of simplified, fun-filled, collaborative and engaging learning. Prior to this, he has had a 21 year corporate stint in IT Majors (Infosys/Cognizant). He is a B.Tech (IIT Madras) & Exec MBA (IIM-Bangalore) and has a certification in Gamification from Univ of Pennsylvania.

How does it works?

Creates Motivational Mechanisms

A game provides constant motivations and enables fun during the learning process (overcoming difficulty/monotony). In a game/play, failure/loss is not seen as a taboo. Play encourages (Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck) Growth Mindset thereby encouraging learner to repeat the learning (persistence). Leading Psychologists and Educators have started increasingly started emphasizing the role of play in learning.

During the process of learning, specifically while encountering newer subject/topics/concepts that are perceived monotonous or difficult by the learner, it is important to persist. But given that the subject/topic is already perceived as difficult, it is even more difficult to make the learner persist without motivations/rewards. Here is where game or gamification concepts help. They keep rewarding you for every single incremental step taken, thereby motivating to the next step until the journey is completed.

The good news is any kind of content – concept, terminology, process flow, rules could be adapted into play/game form at affordable costs.

Fuels Social Learning, Teamwork & Collaboration

Traditional training involves imparting the domain/subject knowledge and often ignores the social aspects. Learners need to actively participate and interact with each other and not just with the instructor. Games by nature facilitate interaction between participants and that too in small groups. During the play, there is a healthy interaction between the participants in discussing concepts and processes that are being explained as a part of the flow. Knowledge is not one-way flow. It flows between the learners, from the instructor to the learner and back to the instructor. game serves as an excellent facilitation tool enabling knowledge flows of different kinds.

Shifts Routine Work Monotony into Fun Challenges

In the dissertation titled “A Model of Flow and Play in Game-based Learning: The Impact of Game Characteristics, Player Traits, and Player States” by Davin Pavlas in 2010, the relationship between flow state, serious games and learning was examined.

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